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Inside Google Sitemaps: Giving others access to Sitemaps account information

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Giving others access to Sitemaps account information

Once you add a site or Sitemap to your account and verify ownership, we show you statistics and errors about the site. Now someone else on your team also wants to view information about it. Or perhaps you set up a Sitemap for a client site and now they wants to control the Sitemap submission and view site information.

Anyone who wants to view site information can simply create a Sitemaps Account, add the site (or Sitemap), and verify ownership. The site isn't penalized in any way if it is added to multiple accounts.

Some questions you may have:

I have Sitemaps for multiple clients in my account. I don't want one client to see everything that's in my account. How do I prevent this?
The client should create their own Sitemaps account and verify site ownership. The client won't see anything that's in your account (even though a site or Sitemap may be listed in both accounts).

I've already verified site ownership and the verification file is still on my server. Does the client also have to verify site ownership?
Yes, each account holder must verify site ownership separately. We ask for a different verification file for each account.

What happens if I submit a Sitemap and then someone else in my company submits that same Sitemap using a different Sitemaps account? Do you see that as duplicate entries and penalize the site?
No, we don't penalize the site in any way. No matter the number of accounts that list the Sitemap, we see it as one Sitemap and process it accordingly.

I want the client to be able to see all the stats for this site right away. I don't want them to have to wait for stats to populate. Can I transfer my account information to the client?
Stats and errors are computed for a site, not for an account. There's no need to transfer your account information because anyone who adds a site and verifies site ownership will see all information that we available to show for that site right away.

But I don't want to list the site in my account anymore. Are you sure I can't just transfer the information to the other person's account?
If you don't want the site or Sitemap in your account any longer, you can simply delete it from your account. This won't penalize the site in any way.

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